Timothy Kaganzev

Timothy Kaganzev

Timothy Kaganzev got started in the real estate business in his mid-20s by purchasing distressed properties and turning them into rental properties…he started flipping homes in his early 30s, then eventually became a Realtor to speed up the buying process for his own company…and simply fell in love with the realtor side of real estate.

Timothy Kaganzev has been in the real estate business going on 20 years now and has been a Realtor going on two years. He loves everything about real estate, from the investment standpoint to helping first time home buyers achieve their goals.

He has a construction background, including property management with a partner, and as a general contractor to his investment projects.

Tim is single and has two puppies, Buddy and Mr. Redz. For fun he likes to crab, kayak, fish, sporting events, spend time at the shore, work on DIY projects, work on his properties and most of all spend time with his daughter.


(P) 856-503-8668

(E) timothy.kaganzev@exprealty.com